Prepare Zone

Website dedicated for Small Business Owners to help them in transformation time.
Application targets Users who want to help Owners survive the pandemic.



Solution for Factory Layout Design

You can build up the data that you need to show in the project. App allows you to:
- create a new layout,
- add equipment,
- change what is already associated with the project,
- review and change space requirements for project equipment.



Learning Management System

LMS focused on powerful Employee Training Programs.
You may need to be able to train new hires or expand the skills of seasoned workers as soon as possible.
LMS delivers training online, learners from anywhere in the world can connect with instructors. Students have access to online training material (courses, quizzes, videos).

Under Development
container home


Tool to design Container House

The interest in shipping container [SC] homes sky rocketed, because people realize the huge benefits:
- extremely cost effective,
- easily modify SC to create a modern sleek look,
- complete home built in record time,
- recycling an old SC

Under Development